1. A well lit room of sufficient size to accommodate the guests

2. Sturdy table, at least card table size-most often the dining room table

3. Non slippery table cloth

4. Special chair to be used as the seat for Elijah

5. Chair for the Sandak

6. Chairs for elderly or disabled guests (it is traditional to stand for the bris)

7. Kippah for the baby

8. Kippot for the participants

9. Kippot for the guests (optional)

10. Tallis for the chair of Elijah

11. Tallis for the Sandak(and any other participants as preferred)

12. Kiddush cup

13. Kosher sweet wine-Manischevitz or Mogen David are popular choices. Your son will only drink

about a teaspoon during the circumcision.

14. Small bowl to put gauze soaked with wine

15. Candlesticks, candles and matches (optional)

16. 2 burp cloths

17. Baby wipes and a plastic bag (stuff happens)

18. 3 disposable diapers

19. Clothing for the baby, “festive” and easy to put back on after the circumcision

20. A blanket to wrap your son after the circumcision

21. Vaseline-white petrolatum

22. A few 3×3 gauzes


Optional items to consider:

1. Pictures of relatives who have departed, especially those whom the baby is named after

2. Kosher challah

3. Flowers

Certified Mohel-Howard Weinberg MD